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“Hi. I’m Brad, the founder of Beyond Pilates. I was originally introduced to Pilates in 2014 by my daughter, Shakina. Pilates had always been an integral part of her adult life. After just a few Pilates sessions, I could feel a difference; and within weeks, I could visually see results.

As I continued attending classes, I began feeling stronger, both physically and mentally. My back problems no longer inhibited my daily activities, and within a relatively brief period, I was living a much more productive life.

The more I learned about Pilates, the more involved I became. Now, Pilates is my passion. Since 2015, I have built and helped with the daily operations of 10 Pilates studios located throughout San Diego, and I am not done yet. My goal is to open several more studios in San Diego. The more people I am able to introduce to Pilates, the better I feel. I would love to see several of our students attend our upcoming Pilates Teacher Training sessions, and find their new careers in Pilates. There is nothing more self-rewarding.


Pilates Classe in Del Cerro
Pilates Classe in Del Cerro


Pilates is not just another form of exercise. Performed properly and by incorporating other tools, such as meditation, affirmation, visualization, self-transcendence, flower essence and yoga, you will notice an almost immediate change in your mindset, and you will observe your body transform before your very own eyes. You feel better, look better, your posture is improved and you stand taller. Your overall strength, mobility and balance are improved. You are energized, more confident, your attitude is more positive, you think with clarity, and your smile is infectious. Your new positivity will go on to affect everyone you encounter.

By becoming a member of Beyond Pilates, you will have the opportunity to discover all these different disciplines, and should you choose to do so, you may apply them to your daily life, just as I have.

Don’t wait! Sign up for a class today. It will be one of your most important and gratifying decisions you will ever make.

Brad Nayfack, Founder
Beyond Pilates Studios


Pilates, named after its founder, Joseph Pilates (1883-1967), is a method of low-impact, whole body exercises, designed to improve the well-being of individuals by improving their daily activities and allowing them to return to a more productive lifestyle.

Originally referred to as “Contrology” and dating back to as early as 1912 in England, Joseph Pilates built his first fitness apparatus using hospital beds and their springs to assist patients with limb injuries.  In the 1920s, Joseph and his wife Clara moved to New York, where they opened their “body-conditioning gym” in 1926.

Dancers and celebrities seeking rehabilitation for injuries were among Pilate’s first clientele.  During the first half of the 20th century, mostly men attended Pilates’ studio.  Pilates published two books on his Contrology method, one in 1932 and the second in 1945.  Relying on these books and their own personal knowledge, several of Pilates’ students were able to continue teaching his methods after his death in 1967. It was not until after his death, that his method of rehabilitation and fitness training was called the Pilates Method. Pilates’ wife Clara is credited for being the main studio instructor who ensured that the Pilates method would be passed on to their apprentices.


Joseph Pilates 1961, New York
Joe on his “bednasium” at his studio on 8th Avenue

Joseph Pilates, circa 1960, New York
Joe on his Cadillac at his 8th Avenue studio

The Pilates method primarily targets the core muscles.  Once core strength is increased, the goal is then to strengthen, lengthen, and stabilize those other muscles necessary to sustain healthy movement patterns throughout the body.  Exercises are designed to coordinate movement and breathing to strengthen the smaller, deep stabilizing muscles of the body, as well as the prime mover muscles.

Pilates is a series of gentle impact exercises that create optimal movement patterns through muscle strengthening and toning, and by fine-tuning the relationship between the motor nerves and a sequence of specific muscular contractions.  This is referred to as a “neuromuscular pattern”. Not only is this necessary in everyday activities, developing neuromuscular coordination also aids long term success in several sports, including baseball, basketball, golf, tennis, running, cycling, boxing, swimming and cross-country skiing.

To achieve these goals, several additional pieces of equipment have been developed over the years, which now allow for more than 700 different exercises, all adhering to the basic Pilates principles.  The most popular piece of studio equipment is the reformer.  It is shaped like a lounge or narrow bed, with a carriage that slides on the side rails, The carriage is attached to the frame by springs of varying tension.  These springs create resistance for which your body must counter.  By altering the springs for different exercises, one can increase or decrease the level of difficulty of the exercise being performed.  While it may seem complicated, it is quite simple.

Clara Pilates, 1972, New York
Clara instructing at her late husband’s studio on 8th Avenue.
Clara is credited for keeping the Pilates Method alive.


Pilates is for all ages, regardless of gender, race, stature, or your present fitness level.  You may be an office worker, professional athlete, weekend warrior, an individual recovering from an injury, pregnant, suffering from anxiety, overweight or simply someone looking for a change in their exercise routine.

Pilates is known to improve one’s quality of life by relieving back pain, increasing core strength and having a positive effect on depression.  Pilates is useful for injury prevention as well as for rehabilitative purposes.

Studies have shown that Pilates will improve your cardiorespiratory capacity, thereby increasing your energy level.  It also enhances your body awareness, making you less susceptible to injuries and falls. By improving your strength and flexibility (stretch in muscles), you will optimize mobility (range of motion).  By achieving this balance, athletes, in particular, golfers, basketball, soccer, and tennis players, runners, swimmers and skiers, find that their overall performance is enhanced and their longevity for their sport is lengthened.

Lastly, Pilates is known to reduce anxiety, depression and fatigue, while improving sleep, moodiness and cognitive thinking. Whether you are seeking a more productive life, or want to tone up, build muscle, cross-train, or just feel better, Pilates is your answer.  The more Pilates you do, the better you will feel and the more you will crave a better, healthier way of living.


Mission Statement

Beyond Pilates was established with only two goals in mind:  Bring an awareness of Pilates to as many people as possible–regardless of their age, race, gender, or present fitness level–and lead each person on an individual journey to transform their bodies and minds.  By healing the body and providing the tools and knowledge vital to adopting a healthier lifestyle, it is our hope that every member of our community will achieve a happier, healthier and more productive life.

To ensure the success of every member’s journey, we have created the Beyond Pilates PyramidTM.  Your journey begins with feeling better and leads to living a more productive life

Pilates Classe in Del Cerro




Feel Better

Build Strength

Increase Flexibility

Gain Improved Mobility

Focus with Greater Clarity

Achieve Mind & Body Alignment

Live A Happier, More Productive Life