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Nicole F – 5 Star 04/12/2018

I cannot say enough positive things about this studio. First and foremost, the owner is accommodating & personable. The instructors are all really good, and put together some good classes. I started in beginning classes and have worked my way up to 2.0. I love the concept of Pilates, and strengthening my core. The studio is clean, and the equipment is high quality….and you get all of this with a really reasonable price. I’ve checked other studios, you literally cannot beat the price. Want your butt super kicked?? Take Wendy’s class!
Rosanna B – 5 Star 04/01/2018
Before joining Beyond Pilates I had never attended a Pilates class. I was originally looking for a barre studio in East County that would also work with my 9-5 work schedule. After some research I realized there weren’t many barre studios in east county or at least that I could find. Beyond Pilates offered some barre classes so I decided to give it a try with my husband since the new member special is so cheap! 6 classes for $20! We did a yoga class which hubby didn’t care for so we switched up to pilates classes and I fell in love.
All studios are clean and are only open for classes. If you have a question I suggest to email. They are pretty quick to respond. They offer different memberships based on the amount of classes you want per month. Your credit card is charged once a month based on the date you signed up. You are required to wear grip socks which you can buy at the studios before class and most cost approx $15. I enjoy going to pilates classes mostly but have done yoga and barre as well. I suggest trying different teachers to find those you connect with best. I haven’t had a bad teacher in the year I’ve been a member but I definitely have my favorites. Also, I’ve compared their prices multiple times and they are usually extremely competitive!
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