Pilates Classes

The great thing about Pilates is that it works for everyone! Men, women, young and old, athletes, dancers, or those needing rehabilitation can all benefit from this wonderful method that Joseph Pilates created over 100 years ago.  The Pilates method will create balanced muscle development, stability and control in the body. The Reformer works the whole body from the inside out, strengthening the core, arms, legs, back and hips.  In addition, we incorporate the Pilates chair and Springboard as well as Barre exercises to ensure that every session offers a fun and exhilarating workout. See our class schedule for levels and times.  Our studio offers privates, semi-privates and group classes in Pilates.  Private sessions are specifically tailored to meet your needs and goals, and will address any therapeutic concerns you may have. Semi-privates are great to do with a friend and group classes are always a great affordable workout.  At Beyond Pilates Studio we teach a blend of contemporary and classic Pilates offering several different options and a continuous variety.  To start your Pilates experience at Beyond Pilates, we highly recommend you sign up for one of our Introductory Special Offers.

Pilates Reformer

The Reformer is the traditional piece of equipment used in the Pilates Method. Classes are limited to 15 students, allowing for individualized work and instructor attention. The machines’ springs support the larger muscle groups so that you can focus on elongating and building the small muscles that support your posture and overall health.

Pilates Chair

Our studio is equipped with 8 new Balanced Body Exo chairs. The Exo chair is a classic Pilates chair redesigned incorporating resistance bands.  The resistance bands add more upper body work and variety to a classic chair routine, making it an even more functional workout! The EXO® Chair delivers a unique and fun, full-body workout.

Pilates Springboard

Be prepared to have FUN with this innovative and cutting edge workout that promises to deliver intensity and variety to the repertoire. Our Balanced Body Springboards will offer members many different types of strength and conditioning exercises that are nearly endless.  We often combine use of the springboard and reformer to make each session more enjoyable while adding a variety of exercises and movements.

Pilates Classes Offered

Beginners Reformer – This class is ideal for those who are new to Pilates or for members who are looking to refine and practice classical techniques at their own pace.  Toesox are required for all classes and can be purchased at either studio before class.

Reformer 1.5 – Are you ready to transition out of Beginners Reformer? This class is essentially the same skill level as our Beginners class.  More elements will be added to make the class a bit more challenging and enjoyable.  If you are not sure you are ready for Level 2, then this is the class for you!

Reformer 2 – This class incorporates rhythmic sets of movements to improve core strength and stability. This program utilizes the reformer, springboard, chairs and other props which will aid in the development of lean and tone muscles. Anyone can take this class but we recommend taking our Beginners Reformer class prior to attending Intermediate Reformer.

Beyond Pilates – This is a high energy class which fuses traditional reformer workouts with a variety of additional equipment to make your practice enjoyable and effective. Every class will be unique. Don’t be surprised to find yourself doing the jump board, Exo chair, springboard, magic circle, light weights and more. You will firm, tighten, and tone your entire body. All this in just one session!!  This class is not recommended for beginners.

Booty & Beyond (Reformer) – Unique combination of movements utilizing the Pilates reformer targeting primarily the core, buttocks, and upper thighs.  This is an all levels workout.  Newcomers are welcome.

Barre/Mat Pilates – Unique combination of fitness techniques from dance, yoga and pilates resulting in the ultimate workout that will challenge both your mind and body. Get the strong and lean body your have always wanted!!!

Mat Pilates – This class consists of Pilates exercises performed on the floor using an exercise mat. You will learn to use controlled breathing while engaging in body-weight resisted movements. These exercises will both stretch and strengthen your body while enhancing your core muscles. Props such as the ring, light weights and resistance bands may be introduced to aid in toning the body. Great for entry or advanced levels.

Reformer/Jump All Levels – This class utilizes a jump board that attaches to the reformer. Imagine jumping on a trampoline but your lying down on the reformer and launching yourself off the jump board. Reach your target heart rate zone for optimal fat burn. This class is not recommended for beginners.

Classical Pilates 1 – This Level 1 class closely follows the teachings of Joseph Pilates whose goal was to achieve optimal health and a lean, toned body.  The exercises and their transitions area designed to create a flow throughout the class which will keep your hear rate up while increasing your strength and stamina. You will leave feeling energized and strong, with an increased sense of ease in your daily movement.   

Classical Pilates 2 – This advanced (Level 2) class closely follows the teachings of Joseph Pilates. The exercises are more disciplined and were originally introduced as a means of rehabilitating injuries and strengthening the body. This class is often taught without music and students are asked to focus on each particular exercise and its direct effect on their bodies.

Pilates Bootcamp – A fun and challenging Pilates-inspired strength training and cardio class.  In addition to using the Pilates reformer and Exo chair, other props such as the jump board, light weights, resistance bands and magic circle may be introduced to amp up your calorie burn.  You will leave this class feeling strong and accomplished.

Therapeutic Stretch – Reformer This class is designed to naturally relieve tension, lengthen the spine, and facilitate muscle repair and healing after higher intensity workouts. A more relaxed ambience awaits you! Recharge and loosen up those tight spots, give yourself a mental break, and enhance your physical performance throughout the remainder of the day. All levels are welcome.
Note: Toesox are required for all Pilates classes and are available for purchase at the studios.