Join us for a 30 Day Personal Nutrition Challenge!

Lose Weight! Lose Inches! Lose Fat!

Gain Confidence!

As part of your challenge, you will be asked to attend one class a day for 30 days. You may select the classes of your choice and your preferred studios. You are encouraged to take at least one of our cardio classes per week. Choose from Zumba, barre, spin or Jump Pilates. Attendance everyday is not mandatory, and workshops are all optional. REMEMBER…this is your personal challenge!!
At the workshops, you will receive nutritional information and guidelines to follow. No one will starve. You may still eat your favorite foods, although not as often and not as much. Some workshops will discuss behavior modifications necessary to continue a healthy life-style even after you complete your challenge.
As an addition to last years challenge, those who don’t mind being submerged in water will be able to complete before and after body fat testing by way of hydrostatic weighing. There will be an additional $65.00 charge for this weighing. Others may check their body fat using the more traditional Body Fat Calipers. Although this method is not as accurate, you are guaranteed not to get wet.
A complete schedule of workshops will be provided to participants prior to February 15th.
We encourage every member to accept this challenge. We have space for everyone. Register early and be sure to attend one of our first workshops to be held on February 17th or 18th. Your challenge begins February 19th?
Join the fun! Set your own goals! Support other members!
Celebrate the new you!

Simply click on the link below, log-in, then select your challenge and Hydrostatic testing (optional).


New San Diego Indoor Cycling Studio

Now Open!

3342 Adams Avenue


Beyond Pilates members may attend using their Beyond Pilates Membership. Additional indoor cycling pricing options available at 


Beyond Pilates Studios

At Beyond Pilates San Diego it is our mission to bring each member on a transformational physical and personal journey.  It is our belief that actively participating in Pilates is much more than a “workout”.  Our San Diego based studios strive to maintain a nurturing and educational environment where each member, regardless of whether they are in a private lesson or small class, receives an experience within their own personal movement.  We are aware and respect that everyone develops at their own pace.  As such, we are committed to offering private apparatus lessons where the individual matters most.  It is our hope that each member will be committed and dedicated to their own personal practice.  It is through consistency and true learning that progress and change happen.  Your commitment and dedication is to yourself! It is our job to guide and nurture each member.  We are committed to your personal transformation.  We offer single sessions or a variety of packages, including multiple class passes and 3 month contracts.                                                                                     



Beyond Pilates San Diego will help with:

  • Releasing tension, stress and toxins.
  • Increasing body awareness and mechanics.
  • Building overall strength and flexibility in the body.
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation of back, shoulder, hip and other joint issues.
  • Pre/Post Natal support including abdominal separation, c-section, SI pain, and more.
  • Centering one’s body and mind. 
  • Balancing body, strength and flexibility.                                                              

Through these movement systems we believe you can make real changes in your body. We will teach you proper movement so you can do what you love with ease, strength and agility. We promise you will get stronger, stand taller and feel more confident!

We currently have four conveniently located Pilates studios in San Diego. Our Santee & Kensington locations offers Pilates, yoga and barre classes while the La Mesa and Hillcrest locations offer Pilates, yoga, barre, Zumba and indoor cycling classes (spin).  All San Diego locations offer private, semi-private and small group classes.  We also have a newly opened indoor cycling studio (SpinSD) located in Normal Heights.